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Udio AI Music generator utilizes AI to enable users to create professional-quality music from simple text prompts, supported by leading figures in

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3 easy steps to generate music

How Udio AI Music Generator works


User-Friendly Interface

Sign in and input a descriptive prompt for the music you wish to create, then simply click on "create."


Quick Music Generation

Your music is crafted within a minute, demonstrating Udio's swift and efficient AI-powered music composition


Prompt-Based Creativity

Udio AI can generate sample music based on the specific prompts you provide, showcasing the platform's ability to interpret and realize user input into music

FAQ of Udio Ai Music Generator

Is Udio AI free?

Yes, you can try Udio AI for free three times, and after that, you may opt for a paid subscription to continue using the service.

Who owns Udio?

Udio is co-founded by David Ding, Conor Durkan, Charlie Nash, Yaroslav Ganin, and Andrew Sanchez in December 2023, gaining early attention from prominent artists and producers.

How to log in to Udio AI?

Signing in to Udio AI is straightforward: use your existing Google account for quick access. There's no need for a separate registration, simply click the Google sign-in option.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team. is not the official website of Udio AI.

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